And So I Begin…

This is a vanity project.  I mean, why lie?  I am always tired, have so little time to myself (I’m a full-time office drone, wife and mom to a toddler)–but I also have a lot of opinions.  What better than a virtual home to rant and rave without the judgment and input from family and friends? 

At times, my loved ones are exhausting.  I was ‘friended’ by old friends, old co-workers, my father-in-law and my grandfather.  I have relatives whose politics make my blood boil.  I no longer feel that I can say what I want when posting; I’m always cognizant of not offending, of not seeming to slight, of maintaining my public image.  

So this is a sort of diary where I can say what I want, when I want.  And I’m not telling my family and friends it exists.  Maybe it will be discovered by stranger-readers, maybe I’ll be the only person who ever reads it.  But I’ll feel better for unburdening myself by shedding my good girl need to please at whatever cost.


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